Hot Topic: Scottish Independence and its Impact on Hospitality and Tourism

Issues don’t get much hotter than the upcoming Scottish referendum on independence from the United Kingdom. In the autumn of 2013, the Institute’s Scotland Branch held a well-attended debate between Beppo Buchanan-Smith, FIH MI, owner of the Isle of Eriska hotel and Michelin-starred chef Andrew Fairlie (Gleneagles). To read more about their positions and the outcome of their debate on the referendum for independence (Andrew was for independence, Beppo was against) go to Scottish Referendum Debate 2013.

Scenic Scotland: how would its departure from the UK affect hospitality, tourism and the larger economy?

But for the very latest on the Referendum, attend the Institute’s Scotland Branch forthcoming event called “Beyond the Referendum“, scheduled for Tuesday, 20th May 2014 at Glasgow Caledonian University, where a panel of hospitality and tourism experts will take the issue further and discuss the ramifications of independence for Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Ray Lorimer FIH, chairman of the Institute’s Scotland Branch, said: “The discussion provides a much needed platform to look objectively beyond current debate and address the key implications both for and against independence from a Scottish food, drink, tourism and leisure perspective.

“Members of the audience will have the opportunity to put their questions to the panellists, across five areas – the relationship with the rest of the UK, the economy, fiscal autonomy, Bureaucracy-Regulation or Deregulation and Devo Max / Status Quo?

“It promises to be a stirring discussion. I’m confident all panellists will justly execute their viewpoint with the energy and enthusiasm you would expect from those passionate about an industry that makes a substantial contribution to Scotland.”

Book now for what promises to be an scintillating and informative event for anyone with an interest in hospitality, leisure and tourism on either side of the border!


Author: Institute of Hospitality

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