Employing Young People? Don’t Miss our Forthcoming Webinar

Do you employ under-18s in a hospitality business?
Do you employ under-18s in a hospitality business? Ensure a positive work experience for them by attending our next webinar

Many young people will have their first job experience in one of the hospitality industry’s many sectors, such as tourism and leisure parks, pubs or hotels. Some of these young people will go on to build careers in the industry, so hospitality employers have a vital role to play in making their temporary or part-time employment a success.

If your hospitality business employs under-18s, the Institute is hosting a new must-attend IoH Webinar on 17th June at 3pm.

During the webinar, employers will learn how keep their young employees safe and well during the performance of their duties. Find out if young staff are working the right hours and taking on age-appropriate responsibilities. Discover who needs to be supervising under-18s and even the subtleties between employing 17 year olds versus 15 year olds.

These and many other questions will be addressed at the forthcoming IoH Webinar presented by BusinessHR’s expert, Terry Edney. Book your attendance today and to make sure your business is doing what is necessary to keep young employees safe in legally-compliant roles on your hospitality premises.

Book now at: IoH Webinar.  Seating is limited, so book today!

Members of the Institute can attend free and there is a nominal fee for non-members.


Author: Institute of Hospitality

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