Mike Hanson MIH Gives Tips for Reducing Food Waste Costs

How much is your food waster really costing your business?
How much is food waste really costing your business?

Food waste is a pressing issue for all hospitality businesses. Consider the expensive ingredients thrown into bins then, on top of the cost of the food – which is hopefully seasonal and regional – there are the costs of staff prep and the cost of utilities during the preparation of the meal. (How much ARE your water, gas and electric bills?) Then, businesses pay to have food waste bins taken away – and, if it is by weight then the costs increase. Additional charges for sending waste to the UK’s dwindling landfill sites can add further costs. Suddenly, the reduction of food waste has become an urgent issue as business owners recognise the costs to both the business and the environment.

Find out the very latest on food waste from Mike Hanson MIH, head of sustainable business at BaxterStorey, who assesses hospitality’s progress in reducing food waste and tells readers what needs to happen next in this excellent article from the Institute of Hospitality’s quarterly management magazine, Hospitality.

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Author: Institute of Hospitality

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