What we’re reading: Revolutionary Hotel Marketing and The Chef’s Directory 2015

Two new titles aimed at hospitality professionals have arrived at the Institute of Hospitality’s offices and we can’t wait to dip into them. The first is a new marketing title from a name many in the profession will recognise: Derek Taylor OBE FIH. Derek has ‘been at the hospitality coal face’ for 60 years and what he doesn’t know about the industry isn’t worth knowing! In addition to roles as Sales Director for top hotel chains and board roles for FTSE 100 companies, Derek has consulted and taught in top hospitality programmes for the last 25 years.

Derek Taylor OBE FIH discusses the secrets of successful Hospitality Marketing with Peter Ducker FIH
Derek Taylor OBE FIH discusses the secrets of successful Hospitality Marketing with Peter Ducker FIH

In this, his eighth title, Derek helps hospitality managers compare and contrast their own efforts at marketing with Derek’s insights on special events, maximising C&E turnover, filling restaurants, closing techniques, effective PR and much more. In Revolutionary Hotel Marketing, Derek is nothing short of a hospitality marketing ‘guru’. This new and very accessible book is almost like having a personal chat with Derek about the nuances of hospitality marketing.

Peter Lederer CBE FIH and recent Chairman of the prestigious Gleneagles, acknowledges Derek Taylor’s impact on his career and notes, “this book reminds us that business strategy is about marketing strategy and marketing strategy is about people – start with the customer and work backwards”.

Derek’s recent Sales and Marketing Master Class at Hospitality Show 2015 was called ‘inspirational’, so if you’ve missed the opportunity to hear Derek speak you will want to purchase Revolutionary Hotel Marketing. Ring Joanne at 020 8661 4900 or email: joanne.whitehall@instituteofhospitality.org

Another new title that has us sitting up and taking notice is from author, journalist and former professional chef Chandos Elletson who has taken his years of industry knowledge, mixed it with his journalistic skills can created The Chef’s Directory 2015. What’s exciting about this title is that it can be used in many different ways. Current and budding chefs can benefit from the comprehensive listings covering suppliers in the UK’s foodservice industry. In addition, each chapter is peppered with stories about chefs, their career progression and their wisdom, which elevates this title to much more more than a comprehensive directory.

Two NEW hospitality titles we recommend!
Recommended: 2 NEW hospitality titles you’ll find indispensable

Chapters offer listings of UK colleges offering chef programmes and training as well as lists of top restaurants and kitchens along with their primary contacts and even their social media accounts. Hotels, foodservice businesses and hospitality media contacts (how unusual!) get the same in-depth treatment. Listings for ingredients and equipment are included so chefs can easily locate a regional supplier of, for example, knives or lamb.

However, we admire this title for its value as a unique career exploration and job search tool for anyone who wants to study or work in hospitality. Front of house and F&B managers will find this title useful as will chefs at all levels and even owners and operators. UK colleges or universities should add a copy of this essential title to their both their library and their career services.

To learn more about the title or to purchase a copy, go to: The Chef’s Directory 2015.





Author: Institute of Hospitality

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