Here’s a look at the predicted food trends for 2015

Resolutions, diets and food trends are popular topics every January as pundits and futurists take a shot at predicting what will be the ‘next big thing’ for 2015. If you’re a hospitality professional wondering about what will be hot for 2015, take a look at the following predictions:

Don't stint on the butter with your paleo-friendly coffee
Don’t stint on the butter with your paleo-friendly “bulletproof coffee”

BBC’s Good Food food trend guesses have a definite North American influence and Canada’s mouth-watering poutine tops the list. But can we expect ‘brinner’ – breakfast for dinner – to be added to the Oxford Dictionary when all-day-breakfast and pancake suppers have been around for years? Speaking of breakfast, homely waffles are also trending. And everyone in London is aware of the sudden spate of lobster restaurants as demand for this crustacean increases.  You may want to skip pudding after a lobster meal, but should you change your mind, there are a growing number of ‘dessert’ bars and pudding pop-ups that will, no doubt, be using more suet and fats – another prediction – in their tasty offerings. We wonder whether the rise in the popularity of puddings be part of the beguiling ‘Mary Berry effect’?

Baum+Whiteman of Brooklyn, NY, state in their 2015 Trends that technology will have a profound impact on foodservice: “Convenience and speed are obvious benefits. But the real drivers are: (1) Millennials, who want to customize everything in sight; and (2) Galloping labor costs tied to health care and living wage advocacy. And as labor gets too expensive, once unaffordable technology starts making sense.” ‘Locavores’ will be seeking oysters from newly ‘detoxed’ East Coast marine environments as the bivalves’ popularity is on the upswing.

After the calorific delights of poutine and puddings, healthy options make a showing in the Independent which predicts kelp will oust kale and bee pollen will become the preference over manuka honey. And, no surprise if you a habitué of health food stores and restaurants where coconut products are appearing on shelves, the paleo-friendly ‘bulletproof’ coffee – a coffee with added coconut oil or butter – will supersede soya lattes as the new caffeine fix of choice (see recipe here).

Will you be adding any of these items to your hospitality business’s menu? If incorporating new dishes makes you nervous, try adding just one or two items or ingredients to your menu to show your business is ‘on trend’. (Don’t forget to make sure your UK hospitality business is compliant with the NEW Food Information Regulation by documenting and including any of the 14 allergens in your menu information.)

For an excellent overview of the hospitality industry’s sectors for 2015, read the Caterer’s recent article, 2015: The year ahead.


Author: Institute of Hospitality

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