5th Annual Passion4Hospitality Event will be bigger and better than ever! #P4H15

#P4H15 is stacking up to be THE student event of the year - and you're invited!
#P4H15 is stacking up to be THE student event of the year – and you’re invited!

The greatly anticipated Passion4Hospitality event (#P4H15) will be the Institute of Hospitality’s largest annual student event. It is taking place on 19th March at the 4 star Novotel London West in Hammersmith.

Members are invited to attend the debating competition which starts at 4.00 pm. The debate this year is: “This house believes that social media is a force for good for hospitality managers.” So if you and your colleagues argue that social media is a time waster or, alternatively, feel it is essential for doing business now and in the future, come and watch some very promising managers-to-be as they vie for the #P4H15 debating prize on a hotly debated issue!

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Show your Passion4Hospitality by joining us and some stellar hospitality students and businesses on the 19th March in West London.



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