Look after the pennies: a new FREE online training to help manage employee pay

Learn how to handle payroll and pay with the new ACAS online training

Payroll is a key part of the employment relationship and it’s important to comply with applicable laws and employee contracts. Handling staff payroll issues correctly can have a positive effect on staff morale and productivity and ensure that, should any disputes occur, the matter can be resolved quickly. When pay issues are mishandled or left unresolved, it could lead to court cases or employment tribunal claims.

To ensure your UK business meets its legal obligations and stays on the right side of the law when processing pay, ACAS is offering a new free guide to train any supervisors or managers handling the payroll function.

The ACAS guide is aimed at small firms and line or team managers in larger organisations and makes convenient online training for any staff responsible for payroll and human resources. The online training guide offers steps that can help staff prevent pay problems from arising so if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves!

Find Help for small firms: Handling pay and wages on the ACAS website.

Further support on payroll and employment issues are available to Institute members through BusinessHR. Institute members can obtain FREE customisable employment contracts for use in their own businesses by logging in to the Institute’s home page and going to the BusinessHR link.


Author: Institute of Hospitality

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