Don’t leave flood resilience to chance: use our new ‘Flood Checklist for Hospitality Managers’

Could your hospitality business be affected by flooding? (Source: MOD)
Could your hospitality business be affected by flooding? (Source: UK MoD, OGL license)

Extreme weather, flooding and even man-made flooding (e.g. burst pipes) are becoming an all-too-common occurrence in locations around the globe. No matter what the cause, these emergencies can wreak havoc on hospitality businesses and, for the unprepared, result in the business’s short-term or even permanent closure.

To help hospitality managers quickly and efficiently become flood resilient, the Institute of Hospitality offers members a free Flood Checklist document containing:

  • a quick 6 point overview of the flood resilience process;
  • a comprehensive list of emergency and flood resource contacts – from how to report stranded animals to locating charities that can assist with financial support;
  • a flood checklist; and
  • a customisable document for owners’ and operators’ use in case of a flood emergency.

To check whether your property is at risk for natural flooding, check the Environment Agency‘s page for England and Wales. In Scotland, refer to the environmental data maps on the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) website. SEPA is Scotland’s national flood forecasting, flood warning and strategic flood risk management authority. In Northern Ireland, refer to the flood maps provided by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

As a part of business continuity planning, all businesses should be prepared for flooding. Obtain your free Institute of Hospitality Flood Checklist by logging in as a member and going to ‘Management Guides‘ to download the pdf document or email with your membership number and contact details.

Non-members can purchase the Flood Checklist by downloading the Publications Order Form and submitting it along with payment to:


Author: Institute of Hospitality

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