Hospitality managers can prepare for 2016 by reading up on ACAS’s projected workplace trends

Get your managers ready for the New Year with ACAS's new report
Get your managers ready for the New Year with ACAS’s new report

ACAS has just released a new report discussing what it projects will be the trends affecting UK workplaces in 2016. The report identifies issues that impact the running of businesses and aims to help managers in all types of workplaces – from SMEs and Human Resources departments to large trusts – to identify areas where problems or growth can occur.

The topics range from zero hours contracts and bullying to the living wage and becoming an effective leader – all of which are of particular interest to managers of hospitality businesses. Case studies explain how employers have successfully addressed and managed these workplace issues.

The four key headings with input from experts from a number of organisations include:

  • How to lead?
  • How to communicate?
  • How to behave?
  • How to be productive?

At just under 20 pages, the report gives a  quick, effective overview of the workplace trends for 2016 along with suggested solutions. The free report can be found at ACAS’s website or HERE.


Author: Institute of Hospitality

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2 thoughts on “Hospitality managers can prepare for 2016 by reading up on ACAS’s projected workplace trends”

  1. Does this cover understanding of social problems, people undergoing great stress. The UK crisis floods this year have proven to place a lot of pressure on people. This will take a long time to fix, employers need to have more understanding of the impact of peoples personal life to the workplace and how they might be able to help, understand,and train staff better. Better working systems, practices, improved communication, and better rota’s are all part of easing the pressure on employees during difficult times.


    1. Thanks for the input, Wendy. All very good points, particularly as – even without crises like flooding – our industry’s managers need to provide good work-life balance in order to retain staff, which are the lifeblood of our businesses. The ACAS report is brief but does touch on social issues (bullying, etc) so please do check it out.


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