Peter Ducker FIH comments on employing workers legally

The recent news about the UK government detaining some employees of a popular burger chain for suspected illegal employment has caused a furore both within and outside the industry.

Peter Ducker FIH comments on employing people legally in the UK
Peter Ducker FIH comments on employing people legally in the UK

Peter Ducker FIH, chief executive of the Institute of Hospitality, confirms that the Institute plays an important role in helping hospitality managers to stay on the right side of the law. Peter says:

The UKs hospitality industry already has to struggle with a challenging public perception. Many perceive our industry as a last resort career option, with easy entry and no clear pathway to progression.

At the Institute of Hospitality we know this perception is not correct. We understand the commitment, strong work ethics, and passion that go into our industry. We work to support our members at all stages of their careers with information, advice, guidance, and professional development to ensure they are well informed and capable of progressing and fulfilling their potential.

We must remain vigilant and not employ those without a right to work. Ours is a fast paced and, at times, challenging industry. However, overcoming challenges is a fact of working life. We cannot take the easy way out when it comes to staff shortages and get anyone in to cover a shift.

We cannot condone businesses that employ staff who do not have the legal right to work. We believe recruiting properly and developing and retaining staff is the foundation of a sustainable business model. We provide insight to help managers understand ways of handling tough situations, rather than opting for a quick fix that further damages the hospitality industry’s reputation.”

Concerns regarding the impact of Brexit on UK employment laws mean hospitality managers will need to stay current with any new or modified regulations or procedures. As the industry’s trusted resource for information, the Institute can be relied on to provide current news, research and materials to support owners and operators in meeting their legal obligations regarding the right to work in the UK.

Hospitality managers will find the following Institute webinar presented by an employment expert from preferred partner Pitmans LLP helpful in understanding and complying with employment regulations for non-UK staff. See: How hospitable are you? A practical guide to employing foreign migrants

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Author: Institute of Hospitality

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