Institute of Hospitality announces new 2017 webinar season

Our first webinar on 31 January will help hoteliers maximise their wedding business

Wherever you are in the world, from Dublin to Doha, our webinars are accessible via a computer or hand-held device. Lasting 30 to 40 minutes, they give busy hospitality professionals a full briefing on a current operational topic and are a useful way of gaining CPD quickly. You can also ask questions and receive follow-up materials. Book your places now for our new season of webinars and get yourself and your business ahead in 2017!

Winning more weddings
Tuesday 31 January 2017 3pm UK time
Ciara Crossan, founder and CEO of WeddingDates

Thousands of couples get engaged at Christmas and New Year so the industry will see a massive influx in enquiries come January. How can your hotel position itself to not only increase your visibility and get more leads, but even more importantly, how can you ensure that your team is converting the leads that are coming in? Ciara Crossan from WeddingDates is a regular speaker at industry events on the topic of online marketing for wedding venues and is passionate about helping hotels increase their wedding sales through clever management.

Winning with wine – five tips to get the most from your wine list
Tuesday 21 February 2017 3pm UK time
Paul Green, head sommelier, Jascots Wine Merchants

  • How do you build a winning wine list?
  • Do you know how to sell it?
  • How do you stop it from losing you money?
  • Are you training your team effectively?
  • Are you maximising your suppliers?

The online world and how it hangs together
Tuesday 7 March 2017 3pm UK time
Aly Thompson, industry management UK & Ireland, Trivago

For many hoteliers the online world is an intimidating beast: there is a multitude of marketing and booking websites, some which you engage with directly and others you don’t, and somehow in this complicated context you need to ensure that your hotel rooms will be filled and your margins will be met. In this webinar we’ll take a look at the role of different channels and at which stage of the booking funnel travellers interact with certain channels. We’ll also share some insights into online behaviour of travellers and tips to help you stand out and gain bookings from your marketing efforts.

What builds customer loyalty?
Tuesday 21 March 2017 3pm UK time
Yukari Iguchi FIH, academic lead hospitality and leisure, University of Derby Online Learning

We all know customer loyalty brings a range of benefits to the business. But what exactly is ‘loyalty’, and how can we achieve it? This webinar will explore the concept of customer loyalty in the hospitality business context and discuss how we can achieve it through some practical hints and tips.

Helping organisations achieve competitive advantage through business and service excellence
Tuesday 4 April 2017 3pm UK time
Trisha Bennett FIH, director, Hospitality Assured

Is there still a role for state and industry-wide quality assessments? Do they mean anything to the customer in the era of online reviews? Without reviews, would there be a gap in communications to the guests or the possibility that standards will decrease? Without assessments would it be challenging to change perceptions, improve service or affect the direction and the form hospitality businesses take to improve?

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