Institute partners with Umbrella Training

The Institute of Hospitality has formed an exciting new partnership with Umbrella Training to deliver successful and high-quality apprenticeship programmes. Through this relationship, Umbrella Training will become one of the Institute’s accredited centres, delivering a suite of management qualifications to those seeking a leadership career in hospitality.

In addition, the Institute of Hospitality will become an end-point assessment organisation for apprentices who are on supervisory or management-related qualifications delivered by Umbrella Training.

Having the Institute end-assess apprentices not only offers a credible and professional sign-off, but also ensures Umbrella’s apprentices are acknowledged as ready to play their role in the future of hospitality by the industry’s professional body.

Through this partnership, apprentice students will become members of the Institute and gain access to its e-library and resources. A student chapter will also be developed, giving apprentices a voice and opportunity to shape the Institute’s agenda, and attend networking events and CPD events held throughout the year.

15 sam coulstock pictured with colleagues is studying for a degree-level apprenticeship
Sam Coulstock FIH (centre) with Umbrella Training colleagues. Coulstock is taking a degree apprenticeship in leadership and management

Sam Coulstock FIH, business relations director at Umbrella Training, says: “By working with industry experts, like the Institute of Hospitality, we’re able to give apprentices a far wider view of the sector and encourage more students that a hospitality apprenticeship is a viable route to a leadership career.”

Coulstock, who became a Fellow of the Institute this year, has enrolled on a fully-funded degree-level leadership and management apprenticeship.

Email Sam Coulstock FIH at:
For further information go to:

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Institute of Hospitality comments on latest Apprenticeship Levy guidance

Peter Ducker FIH, chief executive of the Institute of Hospitality, says:

“From April next year, all businesses will have access to funding in order to develop apprenticeship training schemes. Some businesses with higher wage bills will be expected to pay the Levy.

Business owners and HR directors in the hospitality sector need to be aware of the small window of opportunity to comment and speak out about how the Levy will impact them and their specific sector.

A Government Consultation is now open until 5 September.

“There has been a shortage of information about the mechanics of the Apprenticeship Levy until now. As the processes for drawing down funding becomes clearer, it is obvious that those businesses which have not yet started to look at the benefits of an apprentice programme in their organisation should do so as a priority.”

“Companies with wage bills of less than £3m should not pass this opportunity up. Ours is an industry where apprenticeships are a very valid way of developing a skilled workforce in many areas of the business – not just the traditional ones. As apprenticeships attract media attention in the months ahead this could become a vital source of future ‘home-grown’ talent.”

For more information contact Ben Walker, the Institute’s communications manager
Tel: 0776 532 0690


Hospitality management opportunities – 66,000 of them!

(Source: People1st)
(Source: People1st)

There are many ways to work your way to the top in the hospitality industry. People1st, the sector skills council for the industry, estimates there is a growing number of vacancies for skilled managers in hospitality and tourism, and projects the need for an additional 66,000 managers by 2022.

People1st’s numbers confirm there is plenty of scope for job advancement if candidates can offer the right hospitality management and leadership skills. The infographic (right) acknowledges that the hospitality vacancies exist, but also shows that employers are finding some deficiencies in their employees’ skills sets. On-the-job training and further (FE) or higher education (HE) are two ways to address this skills gap.

For job seekers who are interested in obtaining some hospitality education, has clearly outlined the types of educational qualifications – including Institute of Hospitality qualifications – budding hospitality managers can obtain in the UK to ensure they have the skills sought by employers. From apprenticeships for the youngest learners and NVQs to bachelor’s degrees and Institute qualifications, there is something to suit learners of every age and every budget.

To locate and apply for a hospitality apprenticeship in your area, visit .GOV.UK and search for ‘hospitality’ followed by your post code. The results will show businesses seeking hospitality apprentices.

The educational information in this article can get you started on the road to a rewarding hospitality career.


The chance to change a life – through hospitality employment

Delicious food that's grown, prepared and served by The Clink Charity's trainees.
Delicious food that’s grown, prepared and served by The Clink Charity’s trainees.

The Institute of Hospitality has joined with Nacro, the crime reduction charity, and The Clink Charity to produce a new management guide about the benefits of employing qualified ex-offenders in suitable hospitality roles. The new FREE guide, entitled Employing Ex-offenders: Making the Right Choice, confirms that in the UK over 10 million people have a criminal record – ranging from driving offences and non-custodial sentences to more serious sentences – and chances are some of these 10 million may already be in your employ.

There are numerous benefits to employing ex-offenders, who are often found to have very positive employee traits such as honesty and reliability. In addition, giving ex-offenders a second chance means that their re-offending is significantly reduced. This presents a significant benefit for employers, ex-offenders and for society as a whole.

We’ve all heard about the growing skills shortage faced by the hospitality businesses. The Clink Charity has responded by training well-qualified chefs, kitchen and front of house staff for new roles in The Clink’s own gardens, kitchens and four restaurants. This training provides offenders with the skills needed to function in the real world. Once The Clink’s graduates are available for work, they are mentored, monitored and supported by The Clink to ensure their success with new employers. The industry’s burgeoning need for new talent means The Clink’s innovative rehabilitation programme not only works, it can address serious staff shortages in the UK.

Please download the new guide to learn more about how ex-offenders could be the answer to your hospitality business’s staffing needs. Nacro and The Clink are ready to assist any hospitality business every step of the way and this brief management guide is the first step in understanding how easy it can be to change a life.


 NEW free Management Guide: Employing Ex-offenders: Making the Right Choice

Well-trained ex-offenders offer employers skills, loyalty and other positive attributes in exchange for a fresh start.
Well-trained ex-offenders offer employers skills, loyalty and other positive attributes in exchange for a fresh start.

A recent article in The Caterer highlighted the UK hospitality industry’s increasing demand for qualified chefs, including the projected need to recruit 11,000 chefs by 2022. The Institute’s latest management guide proposes a sensible solution to this pressing problem of hospitality vacancies: hiring trained ex-offenders. An estimated 10 million people in the UK have a criminal record – ranging from driving citations to more serious infractions. Hospitality employers can’t afford to ignore this sizeable pool of candidates, the majority of whom are eager to find employment and avoid re-offending.

Employing Ex-offenders: Making the Right Choice, signposts key resources and organisations that can help hospitality employers easily, equitably and correctly employ ex-offenders with the right skills in suitable hospitality roles.

The Institute of Hospitality if offering this new publication FREE. Guide contributors The Clink Charity and Nacro, the crime reduction charity, are keen to help hospitality industry managers learn how to benefit their businesses and society, so download the FREE guide today to learn more. Find it under ‘Publications at:

Check in for a great new hospitality career

The Caterer's NEW Careers Guide 2014 can help you find education, training and employment opportunities...
The Caterer’s NEW Careers Guide 2014 can help you find education, training and employment opportunities…

Everyone in the UK hospitality industry knows about and reads the The Caterer, the must-read weekly for the UK hospitality industry that’s been published for over a century. The Caterer has just released a NEW guide to help anyone interested in undertaking a career or job in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry. The Caterer Careers Guide 2014: Check into Hospitality covers it all, from the types of hospitality roles in the industry’s sectors to the various levels of training available and why to an industry professional body, like the Institute of Hospitality, is so important for career progression.

The Hospitality industry offers plenty of opportunity for employment and – perhaps more importantly – advancement. Did you know “over 1/3 of staff in hospitality are under the age of 25 and…most will have taken their first managerial roles before the age of 30”? How many other professions offer similar national or global opportunities for employment and career growth?

Find The Caterer’s new 97 page online publication in a convenient flip page format at Check into Hospitality and check-in for a some fantastic career information.

Employing Young People? Don’t Miss our Forthcoming Webinar

Do you employ under-18s in a hospitality business?
Do you employ under-18s in a hospitality business? Ensure a positive work experience for them by attending our next webinar

Many young people will have their first job experience in one of the hospitality industry’s many sectors, such as tourism and leisure parks, pubs or hotels. Some of these young people will go on to build careers in the industry, so hospitality employers have a vital role to play in making their temporary or part-time employment a success.

If your hospitality business employs under-18s, the Institute is hosting a new must-attend IoH Webinar on 17th June at 3pm.

During the webinar, employers will learn how keep their young employees safe and well during the performance of their duties. Find out if young staff are working the right hours and taking on age-appropriate responsibilities. Discover who needs to be supervising under-18s and even the subtleties between employing 17 year olds versus 15 year olds.

These and many other questions will be addressed at the forthcoming IoH Webinar presented by BusinessHR’s expert, Terry Edney. Book your attendance today and to make sure your business is doing what is necessary to keep young employees safe in legally-compliant roles on your hospitality premises.

Book now at: IoH Webinar.  Seating is limited, so book today!

Members of the Institute can attend free and there is a nominal fee for non-members.