Summer edition of HQ Magazine

web resThe summer issue of HQ Magazine will be arriving in the post shortly.  Our main cover story takes a spin around the globe in a celebration of our international community of members.

From the mountains of Iraq to the beaches of Bangladesh, from the bright lights of Vegas to the dark waters of the North Sea, the Institute of Hospitality has passionate and dynamic members working in every imaginable location across the world.

In other features, participants in our recent roundtable discussion on Brexit and recruitment found creative ways to combat the reduction in available EU workers. Read the article here.

We also have informative and practical articles about raising money via crowdfunding platforms and how to employ home-based workers. Who knew that more than half of travel agents in the US work from home?

HQ Magazine comes out four times a year and is posted to members of the Institute of Hospitality and also available to read online. To receive your magazine become a member of the Institute of Hospitality or subscribe by emailing:

Here is a summary of this issue’s contents. A big thank you to all of our contributors.

  • Stewart McKenzie FIH on the real satisfactions to be found in a healthcare catering career
  • Adam Rowledge FIH SJS says more collaboration between industry, students and educators will benefit our industry at large
  • Alexander Wilson MIH reflects on the long-lasting benefits of mentoring relationships
  • Institute of Hospitality Awards 2017. Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane won Talent Development Team of the Year. Meet all our winners
  • Hospitality Assured Awards 2017. Best UK newcomer is EMCOR UK on Three. Find out who else won these prestigious awards
  • Brexit and recruitment. Our roundtable participants find creative ways to combat the reduction in available EU workers
  • All four corners of the globe. Meet some of the Institute’s passionate and dynamic members who work in almost every imaginable location across the world
  • Money in the crowd. Crowdfunding is not only an increasingly common way of raising finance; it’s one of the best ways to build brand loyalty
  • Class of 2017 competition winners. Meet our three winning graduates who joined the Institute this year through our Class of 2017 scheme
  • Get ready for new data protection law. Although it comes into law in the UK on 25 May 2018, businesses need to get GDPR ready now
  • How to employ home-based staff. Yukari Iguchi FIH offers guidance on this potential solution to the skills shortage
  • Memory Lane. John Wileman FIH looks back at some choice moments from a lifetime spent in hotel management
  • Ovens, combis and microwaves. A round-up of the latest trends in oven design and technology and what’s on the market
  • Data integration and revenue management. Pooling all of your data is essential to effective revenue management
  • A postcard from Saudi Arabia. Hospitality and tourism are central to Saudi Arabia’s ambitions

Institute of Hospitality new webinar season spring-summer 2017

webinar logo

The Institute of Hospitality webinars are a series of informative and educational online presentations, available to members and non-members, and designed to help you advance in your professional career and business. Industry professionals and business experts share their knowledge and know-how during live online sessions, that you can access from the comfort of your home or office, and from any mobile device.

Our webinars include Q&A sessions and you can recieve follow-up materials. Last year we delivered over 50 webinars, helping hundreds of individuals improve their personal and professional skills, as well as their business knowledge.

Webinars are complimentary for members of the Institute of Hospitality. Non-members can access our live sessions for £10 (incl. VAT).

Book your places now for our new season of webinars and get yourself and your business ahead in 2017.

New Webinar Programme

4 April 2017 3pm UK timeNEW HA LOGO
Quality assessments vs online reviews
Trisha Bennett FIH director, Hospitality Assured

In this digital age, are business quality assessments still an important customer service benchmarking tool, when more and more customer are  trusting online reviews?

Hospitality Cruise Logo25 April 2017 3pm UK time
Recruitment and retention: first impressions matter
Neil Shorthouse, Hospitality Cruise International

With much of the recruitment process now taking place online, it is important to ensure that you make the right impression and leave applicants with a positive image of your organisation. The webinar will look at how to get the basics right (respond promptly to enquiries, time-management, treat applicants as individuals) and look at how online and off-line recruitment channels perform in relation to retention.

Snapshot logo9 May 2017 3pm UK time
Adopting new technology doesn’t need to be hard
Janel Clark, Snapshot

In 2017 it is no longer necessary to commit to one stand-alone system for everything. How can you pick and choose apps to suit your hotel and needs? In this webinar learn how using smaller software can reduce risk, give flexibility and improve productivity and cost efficiency for your hotel.

23 May 2017 3pm UK timeTrivago Logo
How hotels can compete with the holiday rental market
Aly Thompson, Trivago

Holiday rental websites are growing in number and increasing in popularity. In particular the sharing economy has gained a lot of attention in recent years, but what is it about these sites that really appeals to travellers?  Aly looks at traveller behaviour and the positioning of such websites to find out, and identify some actions hoteliers can take to market themselves competitively to the same traveller group. We’ll also look at the numbers and give an up-to-date assessment of the growth, and therefore opportunity, of the holiday rental market.

13 June 2017 3pm UK timeUpskill People Logo
Truly changing behaviour with e-learning
Peter Fullard, Upskill People

Skills development must go beyond ‘ticking the box’ to deliver a real business bottom-line benefit. Peter will focus on showing how hospitality professionals can ensure that e-learning supports a change in team behaviour that lasts. It will cover how to successfully develop, deploy and measure online training.

11 July 2017 3pm UK timeTrivago Logo
How to drive direct bookings to your hotel
Aly Thompson, Trivago

Driving direct bookings is not all about big marketing budgets. It’s about taking control of the tools at your disposal to enable the traveller to find your hotel in the early stages of their research, and hooking them so they book with you directly. Aly looks at the basics of content marketing, website user experience, and search engine optimisation. She will also look at websites travellers commonly visit in the inspiration phase of their travel research, to identify partnership opportunities beyond distribution channels.

25 July 2017 3pm UK timeGeorgian House logo
Taking control of your career progression
Adam Rowledge, Georgian House Hotel

Your manager or HR office may not have the necessary time to devote to your development.  Instead, we have to take control of making the right career choices and fulfilling our career potential.

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Institute of Hospitality announces new 2017 webinar season

Our first webinar on 31 January will help hoteliers maximise their wedding business

Wherever you are in the world, from Dublin to Doha, our webinars are accessible via a computer or hand-held device. Lasting 30 to 40 minutes, they give busy hospitality professionals a full briefing on a current operational topic and are a useful way of gaining CPD quickly. You can also ask questions and receive follow-up materials. Book your places now for our new season of webinars and get yourself and your business ahead in 2017!

Winning more weddings
Tuesday 31 January 2017 3pm UK time
Ciara Crossan, founder and CEO of WeddingDates

Thousands of couples get engaged at Christmas and New Year so the industry will see a massive influx in enquiries come January. How can your hotel position itself to not only increase your visibility and get more leads, but even more importantly, how can you ensure that your team is converting the leads that are coming in? Ciara Crossan from WeddingDates is a regular speaker at industry events on the topic of online marketing for wedding venues and is passionate about helping hotels increase their wedding sales through clever management.

Winning with wine – five tips to get the most from your wine list
Tuesday 21 February 2017 3pm UK time
Paul Green, head sommelier, Jascots Wine Merchants

  • How do you build a winning wine list?
  • Do you know how to sell it?
  • How do you stop it from losing you money?
  • Are you training your team effectively?
  • Are you maximising your suppliers?

The online world and how it hangs together
Tuesday 7 March 2017 3pm UK time
Aly Thompson, industry management UK & Ireland, Trivago

For many hoteliers the online world is an intimidating beast: there is a multitude of marketing and booking websites, some which you engage with directly and others you don’t, and somehow in this complicated context you need to ensure that your hotel rooms will be filled and your margins will be met. In this webinar we’ll take a look at the role of different channels and at which stage of the booking funnel travellers interact with certain channels. We’ll also share some insights into online behaviour of travellers and tips to help you stand out and gain bookings from your marketing efforts.

What builds customer loyalty?
Tuesday 21 March 2017 3pm UK time
Yukari Iguchi FIH, academic lead hospitality and leisure, University of Derby Online Learning

We all know customer loyalty brings a range of benefits to the business. But what exactly is ‘loyalty’, and how can we achieve it? This webinar will explore the concept of customer loyalty in the hospitality business context and discuss how we can achieve it through some practical hints and tips.

Helping organisations achieve competitive advantage through business and service excellence
Tuesday 4 April 2017 3pm UK time
Trisha Bennett FIH, director, Hospitality Assured

Is there still a role for state and industry-wide quality assessments? Do they mean anything to the customer in the era of online reviews? Without reviews, would there be a gap in communications to the guests or the possibility that standards will decrease? Without assessments would it be challenging to change perceptions, improve service or affect the direction and the form hospitality businesses take to improve?

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Institute Announces New Webinar Season

The Institute of Hospitality launches its new season of webinars with an American perspective on ‘Brexit’s silver lining’. 

For American visitors to the UK, prices are now 30% lower than two years ago thanks to the sharp drop in sterling triggered by the EU referendum result.  In the coming months, there are strong signs that the UK is set to enjoy record-beating levels of inbound tourism. How can operators capitalise on this boom?

Peter Ducker, chief executive, Institute of Hospitality, says: “American tourists have always been our biggest spenders. Now that they will be arriving in greater numbers, there is no better time to fine-tune our customer service skills in order to wow guests and keep them coming back.  We are delighted to kick-start our webinar season with Simon Hudson, a distinguished hospitality expert from the University of South Carolina, who will deliver his unique insights into what American tourists are looking for.”

Institute of Hospitality webinars give busy hospitality professionals a full briefing on a current operational topic in 30-40 minutes. You can also ask questions and receive follow-up materials. Full programme below.

Institute of Hospitality Webinars Autumn 2016

6 September
Capitalising on Brexit’s Silver Lining
The whys and hows of training employees to wow American tourists in order to secure long-term lucrative loyalty
Dr Simon Hudson, College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management, University of South Carolina

20 September
We have data but how can we use it?
On average a hotel receives data from more than 12 systems everyday. Get some great tips on how to use this data while still remaining a hotelier and focusing on taking care of guests
Janel Clark, head of consultancy and education, Snapshot

4 October
Make the OTAs work for you
Learn how to embrace the role of OTAS, reduce the commission you pay, adopt an OTA strategy where you are in control and invest wisely in your hotel website
Andrew Plant, digital marketing manager, Journey

18 October
Food Allergens and Customer Excellence
The Food Allergen HACCP and due diligence framework not only helps protect your business but also appeals to a critically wary customer base, who above all want transparency and deserve service excellence like any other customer.
Julian Edwards MIH, director, Allergen Accreditation

1 November
Addressing the risk of human trafficking
The nature and necessities of human trafficking place hotel businesses in a high level of exposure. Identify the vulnerabilities in your business and discover what you can do to prevent, mitigate or eliminate the risk of human trafficking in your business.
Professor Angela Roper FIH, University of West London, and Dr Maureen Brookes, Oxford Brookes University

15 November
The effect of Brexit on employment and immigration rights
What’s the position now and what might change? What are the lessons from the Byron Hamburgers furore this summer? Find out how businesses can get ahead of potential changes.
Jonathan Gray, hospitality, tourism and leisure partner, Pitmans LLP

Hospitality Managers: new #IoHWebinar helps you get to grips with forthcoming wage challenges

This operations-focused #IoHWebinar outlines how hospitality managers can prepare for – and reduce the impact of – several forthcoming pay challenges affecting UK businesses.

The experts from BusinessHR will discuss what these wage challenges mean for hospitality owners and operators. The changes begin with the mandatory National Living Wage, effective on 1st April 2016, followed by successive wage increases over the next four years. Modifications to holiday pay, overtime, equal pay and working time are covered, too.

Make sure your business can handle the NEW wage challenges with our #IoHWebinar
Make sure your business can handle the NEW wage challenges with our #IoHWebinar

In this #IoHWebinar, scheduled for 1st March at 3pm, BusinessHR’s experts will explain how the wage challenges require careful planning and systems changes to ensure compliance and to avoid penalties. Webinar attendees will also receive a FREE pdf guide explaining the necessary steps to prepare for the National Living Wage and further wage increases whilst safeguarding the business and its employees.

Attendees will have the opportunity to have their questions answered by the BusinessHR experts during the webinar.

Managers, are you certain your business knows all it needs to about these changes and how to manage them? If not, this new #IoHWebinar is a ‘must-attend’ event.

Book HERE to ensure you have a seat at the #IoHWebinar on Tuesday, 1st March 2016 at 3pm and be ready for the wage changes coming our wage.

Listen and learn every Tuesday: NEW Institute of Hospitality Webinars cover business improvement and professional development

Hosted by hospitality experts, 2016’s new Institute of Hospitality Webinars are a series of instructional, informative and topical online presentations to benefit members’ knowledge and highlight up-to-the-minute best practice. The webinars take place live every Tuesday at 3pm and last about 30-45 minutes.  Watch, listen and learn from any location – your home, the office, a cafe – via any web-enabled device. Get your questions answered by the experts, too! The webinars’ easy access means hospitality professionals can learn in any location.

The Institute of Hospitality Webinars cover three subject areas aimed at hospitality professionals:

Book your free-to-members Institute Webinars today!
Book your free-to-members Institute Webinars today!
  • Business Improvement
  • Professional Development
  • Masterclasses

Since 2014, the Institute has delivered over 50 webinars to help members improve their personal and professional skills as well as their business practices.

Cost:  FREE for Institute Members (Non-member fee: £10.00 including VAT).  

It’s easy to participate in the Institute’s hospitality industry webinars, so book TODAY

Global Hospitality Learning: our Exciting NEW Lineup of #IoHWebinars

Book your seat at a forthcoming #IoHWebinar for easy, informative CPD!
Book your seat at a forthcoming #IoHWebinar for easy, informative CPD!

The Institute has just released its latest lineup of Institute Webinars featuring a stellar group of industry experts discussing the hottest industry topics – from the latest rate parity and revenue management tips and how to avoid dangerous legionella in your hospitality business – to addressing the upcoming allergen requirements for food businesses under the new UK Food Information Regulation (FIR) and working on your business’s “Christmas Checklist” (a must-attend before the Christmas season)!

Each webinar runs about 30-45 minutes, offers a Q&A session with the presenter and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The webinars have proved so popular that we’ve had attendees from New Zealand and Alaska! Hospitality learning doesn’t get any easier than this.

The webinars are FREE to members and there is a nominal fee for non-members. The content of the webinars makes excellent continuing professional development (CPD) for hospitality managers at all levels.

Education Membership Scheme (EMS) academics are encouraged to book one seat for a classroom’s attendance. To learn more, contact Peter at:

Hurry and sign-up now as ‘seats’ to the webinars are limited and issued on a first-come, first served basis. BOOK HERE