Are you FIT? Join us for a FANTASTIC Three Peaks Challenge!

The awe-inspiring summit of of three Yorkshire peaks you'll be walking in the Three Peaks Challenge.
The awe-inspiring summit of Whernside…one of three Yorkshire peaks you’ll be walking in the Three Peaks Challenge.

If you’re a hiking fan and would like to wrap up a summer of fun with a charitable event, then book now for the Institute of Hospitality’s Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, which takes place on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th September 2014.

The challenge: after a night’s camping, trek up and down Yorkshire’s 3 highest peaks – Pen Y Ghent (691m), Whernside (728m), and Ingleborough (723m) in 10 hours! Can you do it? We think you can!

All monies raised from this event will go towards funding the Institute of Hospitality, a registered educational charity and membership body for the hospitality industry’s managers and aspiring managers. As an added incentive any individual that raises more than £1,000 will be given a complimentary one year membership of the Institute.

There are still places available, so sign up now – the quicker you sign up the more time you will have to get sponsorship.

See you on the peaks!


Food Service Businesses: here’s how to make BIG savings!

The simple-to-use Winnow System helps determine levels of food waste.
The simple-to-use Winnow System helps determine levels of food waste.

Restaurants, pubs, cafes and hotels in London have the opportunity to save thousands of pounds and massively cut their food waste and its related costs by participating in a London-wide scheme called FoodSave. The scheme has already helped small food businesses save an average of just over £6,000 a year, two businesses are predicted to save over £10,000 and one is expected to save a huge £24,000!

So what’s the catch, you might wonder? There is no catch! Participation in FoodSave is FREE because it is funded by the Mayor of London, the European Regional Development Fund and the London Waste and Recycling Board. Governments, industry bodies and environmental agencies all recognise that it is to everyone’s benefit to reduce the huge amounts of food waste going to landfill.

The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) is delivering the free programme by running food waste audits (worth up to  £5,000) that help businesses analyse the food waste they produce. The audit system is straightforward: it measures the real time weight and cost of food waste across different food waste types (spoilage, preparation and customer plate waste) via a simple-to-use tablet attached to a set of scales and a bin. Once the sources of the food waste are identified, the FoodSave team works with the catering and kitchen teams to find ways of reducing food waste.

To find out more, visit the FoodSave website where you can watch a neat animation explaining how FoodSave works as well as details about how to get your business involved. You can also read about what your peers in restaurants, pubs, hotels, cafes and caterers are saying about the FoodSave programme and how it’s helped them save more than £6,000 and 2 tonnes a year.

FoodSave works with small restaurants, canteens, hotels, pubs, quick-service food outlets, street-food vendors, food manufacturers, food retailers and wholesalers. If your foodservice business is in London, you’re probably eligible, but HURRY because participation is limited and the scheme ends in March 2015!

For more information or to get involved, email or call 020 7479 4224.

Legal guide: Employing young people

Are your staff old enough to serve alcohol?
Are your staff old enough to serve alcohol?

If you employ young people in your hospitality business, pub or restaurant, you’ll want to read this excellent brief article from the The Publican’s Morning Advertiser called the Legal guide: Employing young people.

It outlines how many hours under-18s can work and on which days, what sort of wage is suitable for 16-17 year olds, and when and where the youngsters can handle alcohol.

This article makes a great follow-up to the Institute of Hospitality’s recent IoH Webinar on what employers can and can’t do with employees under the age of 18! Find an active link to the webinar in the Institute’s Online Catalogue by simply searching the word ‘webinar’. You will be able to access the active link to the webinar and listen to it at your leisure!



The French Know a Thing or Two About Hospitality…

…and they are sharing it in a special edition of the excellent magazine, INFO, the magazine for Anglo-French Business from the French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain.

INFO, the magazine of the French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain
INFO, the magazine of the French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain

The Institute of Hospitality and other key industry stakeholders including the BHA, BDO LLP, Relais & Chateaux, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts and others, recently met with the French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain to confer with them about the edition. The result? The Institute’s Chief Executive, Peter Ducker FIH, contributed an article about Training the Next Generation (see pp 46-47) and the entire special edition, entitled Hospitality & Restaurants: Tastes, Trends and Transformations, includes some very readable hospitality sector analysis about businesses both here and across the channel.

The articles range from the more light-hearted to some substantive industry coverage, but all with a soupçon of French-Anglo flavour. For example:

  • Leisure and Hospitality: Industry Insights
  • Preserving Heritage in a Globalising Brand
  • Facts, Figures and Beyond: the Far-reaching Impact of the UK Hospitality Industry
  • That VAT Issue
  • Accor Hotels UK
  • Lunch with Raymond Blanc
  • Social Media: To Tweet or Not to Tweet
  • Branding Challenges for a City Hotel
  • Recruiting and Training at Hotel Level: the Pullman St Pancras Case Study
  • Investing in Bricks and Mortar: France or UK?

You can view the entire contents of the title FREE at INFO. Merci, French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain!


How to Avoid Surprises on the Menu

Most hospitality managers will have heard about the forthcoming regulations affecting the United Kingdom’s food service and hospitality industry, but what steps has your business taken to prepare for the regulations? The EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation comes into effect from 13 December 2014 and requires all food distributors to provide allergen labelling and information to customers. So what does that mean for your hospitality business?

It's not just packaged foods that are affected by the NEW UK Regulation.
It’s not just packaged foods that are affected by the NEW UK Regulation.

In a ‘must read’ article, the hospitality industry experts at Pitmans LLP explain how hospitality businesses will be affected by the Regulation and what the businesses should be doing to ensure their compliance. The article includes:

  • A synopsis
  • Who the regulations apply to
  • What is required
  • What happens if you don’t comply
  • What actions you should be taking now.

To find out what you need to know about the forthcoming Regulations, read the article HERE  and avoid any nasty surprises come December 2014. For further information or support on legal matters, contact Pitmans LLP Hospitality & Leisure Team at 0118 958 0224.


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Should You Own or Lease Your Hotel?

Marriott County Hall, located on the River Thames, London

Ah, an excellent question! And one that, similar to the housing market (Should I buy? Should I wait? Is there a housing bubble that will burst?) is always hotly debated.

Peter Ducker, Institute of Hospitality Chief Executive, discusses what the largest hotel companies, like Marriott, have done in the past and are doing now. Find out who owns, who doesn’t and why by reading Peter’s recent blog post discussing the pros and cons of hotel ownership versus leasing. Find the full text of the post at the WTM London 2014 website: To Own or Not to Own?