China’s hotel growth is on the upswing but at what cost to the environment?

A recent report published by Cornell University’s Center for Hospitality Research highlights China’s burgeoning hotel growth and examines what can be done to control the environmental impact.

Shanghai’s stunning skyline

Despite the turbulence in the Chinese stock market last year and the subsequent impact on China’s economic growth, hotel developments in China continue apace with “at least three new 150+ room hotels open[ing] every day for the next 25 years”.

Although China’s population is predicted to be surpassed by India‘s, both China’s increasing population and the number of hotels under development will swell the the country’s carbon footprint as demands for energy and water increase. The very best hotel developments will take into account both regional and global concerns regarding sustainability.

To read more about the “Environmental Implications of Hotel Growth in China: Integrating Sustainability with Hotel Development” find the report HERE.




Will UK wage increases hurt Hospitality? New US research suggests it won’t

There’s been a lot of scaremongering in the UK from the press, businesses and some professional associations and trade bodies about the new National Living Wage (NLW) and the “burden” its salary increase will place on retail, care and hospitality businesses, which often employ lower paid staff.

Increased wages are a way to reward hard working staff

The Institute of Hospitality takes a more positive perspective. Our Chief Executive, Peter Ducker, posits that the National Living Wage is an opportunity for hospitality businesses to retain and reward their best employees. And new long-term research from hospitality experts in the United States suggests wage increases won’t have the negative effect the naysayers are suggesting.

According to academic research published by Cornell’s Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) at Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration (SHA), “US federal and state minimum wage increases over the past twenty years have not resulted in fewer restaurants or lower employment in the United States”. The new study, “Have Minimum Wage Increases Hurt the Restaurant Industry? The Evidence Says No!,” was written by SHA faculty Michael Lynn and Christopher Boone and is available FREE from CHR.

To control any impact on the organisation and its employees, hospitality businesses should prepare now for the increased salary costs resulting from the NLW. Instead of viewing the NLW as a burden, businesses should see it in a positive light. The Institute’s new Management Guide, from contributors BusinessHR, explains what hospitality employers need to know to get to grips with the NLW and reward their hard-working employees. Find the new guide at Management Guides.



Career-changing: Apply for a Master Innholder Scholarship Today!

Mid-level hospitality managers: bring your career to the next level with a Master Innholder Scholarship
Mid-level hospitality managers: bring your career to the next level with a Master Innholder Scholarship

The Master Innholder Scholarship Programme awards scholarships to managers in the hospitality industry. Successful candidates are granted places on two week intensive management development courses held at the following top universities: Cranfield University, Cornell University (USA), or the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (Switzerland). The entire cost of tuition, board and lodging is included as well as a contribution towards travel to New York state and Lausanne. Scholarships are being awarded this year to be taken during 2015.

These prestigious Hotel Management Scholarships are funded through the generosity of The Worshipful Company of Innholders, The Savoy Educational Trust and The Lord Forte Foundation. Full details of the application process, the courses on offer, the assessment criteria and background information can be found at

The closing date for receipt of applications is 12th July 2014

Interviews will be held in London in November 2014. For more information please contact either Gillian Croxford, Assistant Clerk, Worshipful Company of Innholders on 0207 236 6703 or at, or Philippe Rossiter, Executive Secretary, Master Innholders, on 01252 624505 or email