New MOOC: ‘The Geopolitics of Hospitality’ for industry professionals and students

A new MOOC for hospitality is available on FutureLearn

Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), Switzerland, and Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM), France, are combining their resources to deliver the first ever MOOC in the Geopolitics of Hospitality, available from 25th April 2016, on the FutureLearn platform.  The course is designed for young people who are considering a career in hospitality as well as current hospitality professionals.

Both institutions are pairing their respective expertise, geopolitics for GEM and hospitality for EHL, to deliver this one of a kind MOOC over 4 weeks. Students will spend 4 hours per week on the course, and certificates are available upon completion.

The Geopolitics of Hospitality course will be taught by Yves Schemeil, Emeritus Professor of Political Science, at the University of Grenoble Alpes, and current visiting professor at the two institutions. To deliver the four chapters that make up the MOOC, he is joined by lecturers, chefs, butlers, wine stewards, EHL students and alumni. They will use diverse examples from around the world, and will rely on the work of historians, philosophers, anthropologists and political scientists.

Through the course, participants will gain a better understanding of the soft power exercised by States in the realms of hospitality and cooking and get another view on intercultural issues.

This course is designed for hospitality professionals, gourmet aficionados or foodies. Audiences with an interest in food and cuisine, but also intercultural issues, are welcome to register.

Chapters of the MOOC consist of:

  • A Philosophy of Food and Mood
  • The Anthropology of Banquets
  • Gastronomy and Hospitality
  • Gastro-diplomacy and the World Order

An intriguing topic for global hospitality students and professionals alike. Enrol now at FutureLearn: Click here.


Service on a Plate: a must-have title for academics, students and food service managers

A very readable title that examines contract catering's beginnings and looks to its future
A very readable new title that examines contract catering’s beginnings and looks to its future

Service on a Plate – The Story of Contract Catering is a new hospitality title that is essential reading for anyone studying, or working in, hospitality and food service. It reveals the unexpected twists and turns in a sector that has created more millionaires than any other part of the UK’s hospitality industry!

Co-authors Miles Quest FIH and Jim Cartwright, chairman of Dine Contract Catering, examine the sector’s lively beginnings in the chop houses and Livery Halls of Victorian London, its increasing relevance through two world wars, and the ensuing boardroom coups and takeovers in what has become a multi-billion pound industry. Today, contract catering employs over 110,000 people in the UK and is firmly embedded in many sectors including leisure, the military, healthcare and education.

“We have written a book about the industry for the industry and I hope it will both interest and entertain those who are working in it as well as encourage young people to grow their careers in contract catering,” says Jim Cartwright.

“There has been a great deal of noise recently about the increasing career opportunities in the hospitality industry and about a lack of skilled people to fill them.  At a time when many are struggling to find jobs after leaving education, the contract catering sector offers a dynamic career that has led many to a personal fortune.”

This book brings to life a sector which has provided many thousands of people with a highly successful career path and extraordinary opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Recognising the importance of Service on a Plate to budding hospitality professionals, Nestlé Professional® has provided copies of the book to catering colleges across the UK, but the Institute recommends the title to managers with an interest in the sector, for use in hospitality and business management libraries, and in academic programmes because it provides a well-written and enjoyable look at contract catering’s history and, perhaps more importantly, highlights how canny hospitality professionals recognised opportunities, strategised, and built an integral sector that now spans the globe. The book is sponsored by Dine Contract Catering Ltd and is published by H2O Publishing.

To get your copy of Service on a Plate – The Story of Contract Catering, go to Amazon

Managing the UK’s forthcoming National Minimum Wage and the introduction of the National Living Wage

Learn how to manage NMW and NLW with Institute resources
Learn how to manage NMW and NLW with Institute resources

There appears to be a storm brewing in the hospitality industry as claims that the increase to the National Minimum Wage (NMW) next month and the introduction of the National Living Wage (NLW) will negatively impact UK hospitality sector. It is projected that the NLW could increase hospitality payrolls by up to 3.5% by 2020. The retail and care sectors will also be impacted.

What hospitality managers need is good guidance to manage the changes to ensure minimal impact to the workplace. The Institute is providing detailed guidance for employers explaining the NMW and NLW changes and how to manage them styp-by-step. The information is provided by the human resources experts at BusinessHR, a resource that also makes up part of every Institute member’s benefits package. Members can click on the NMW and NLW guidance HERE.

For articles about the forthcoming changes, see the following:

Although much of the recent reporting has been negative, it’s important to consider the wage changes as a way to benefit loyal and hard working hospitality employees. The industry’s recent productivity problems, highlighted in a 2015 productivity report from People1st, show that retention and training of current staff can be an effective way of building a better and more productive business. Consider the costs of staff turnover, the replacement and training costs for each new staff person and even the interruptions to service inexperienced staff can bring in the workplace. Improved wages could be a great way to build and retain a skilled hospitality workforce.

Our industry’s growing vacancy rates and ultra-competitive hiring landscape mean retention should be one of the most important methods in every business’s HR process. The up-to-date resources and information provided by the Institute to its members means they can successfully navigate any stormy weather ahead.

NEW resources to help run hospitality and tourism businesses – from VisitEngland

A new website is available to help hospitality and tourism managers make the most of their businesses. The resources offered on VisitEngland’s new business site will be of particular interest to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and can assist them in refining their offer, targeting the right consumer market, understanding important legislation around the operation of accommodation services and much more!

If you do one thing, make yourself aware of the contents of the popular Pink Book Online which explains what accommodation businesses must do to stay on the right side of the law.

A must-read for tourism and accommodation providers in England.
A must-read for tourism and accommodation providers in England.

Some of the further topics covered include:

  • Growing your Business
  • Understanding your Markets
  • Developing your Offer
  • Quality Assessment for your Accommodation
  • Quality Assessment for your Attraction
  • Providing Access for All
  • Maximising your Sustainability
  • Promoting your Business
  • Developing you and your Team
  • Managing your Finances
  • Crisis Management
  • Tourism Planning Guidance

You don’t even have to be operating in England to find some of these hospitality resources applicable to improving your operations. Using VisitEngland’s excellent tools alongside the Institute of Hospitality’s extensive ebooks and online publications – which cover everything from operations and HR to sustainability and tourism – you’ll find you have everything you need to run a successful hospitality or tourism business at your fingertips!

Find VisitEngland’s new website at:

Something for academics who are “New-to-teaching in the Social Sciences” – including Hospitality

Hone your academic teaching skills with the HEA's NEW workshop
Hone your academic teaching skills with the HEA’s NEW workshop

If you are undertaking the teaching of a social science topic such as hospitality, leisure or tourism in the UK for the first time – or perhaps your teaching skills need freshening up after some time away from teaching – the Higher Education Academy (HEA) offers something that can help.

The HEA’s new “New-to-teaching in the Social Sciences” workshop provides delegates with the opportunity to learn and discuss effective ways to balance the various academic duties of teaching, research, administration and support. Attendees at the day-long workshop will explore the effective use of learning technologies and examine different models of curriculum development and approaches to assessment and feedback.

This event will be particularly relevant to early career academics, teaching fellows, technical staff, associate or visiting lecturers, postgraduates who teach, researchers and others who have been teaching for less than two years. It will also appeal to those interested in applying for Associate Fellowship or Fellowship of the HEA.

Throughout the day there will be an emphasis on practical teaching skills along with opportunities to share best practice and network with other individuals in similar roles and at similar stages of their careers.

To book your place at this informative event, go to: New-to-teaching in the Social Sciences

Giving back to the hospitality industry: Cyrus Todiwala OBE DL FIH visits Doncaster College

Learning from an expert: Chef Cyrus instructs a Doncaster College student in the art of knife work and Asian cuisine.
Fingers under! A student learns about knife work and Asian cuisine from Chef Cyrus Todiwala.

Doncaster College and University Centre, a new member of the Institute’s Education Membership Scheme (EMS), recently welcomed celebrity chef, author, and restaurant owner Cyrus Todiwala OBE DL FIH to the Waterfront Restaurant.

Cyrus was joined by his wife Pervin and Doncaster’s Catering and Hospitality students for the preparation of his signature menu, which was then served to lucky guests at the Benefits for Business event at the College.

Level 3 Catering and Hospitality student Shila Gale from Intake was on hand to help prepare the main course and, as a result, has gained an opportunity to visit Chef Cyrus’ restaurant. “It was a nice experience to prepare a different type of food, bring new ingredients to the College and learn about traditional Asian cooking,” said Shila – who along with her fellow students – agrees that experiences like the Todiwalas’ visit are a great way for students to gain valuable industry contacts.

To learn about Doncaster College’s full-time Hospitality and Catering courses click HERE.

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