MOOCs for hospitality managers from some esteemed business schools

There are plenty of MOOCs (massive open online courses) around if you’d like to study topics like history or software, but there is a definite absence of quality MOOCs covering the niche area of hospitality management.

However, we’ve discovered some forthcoming hospitality-focused MOOCs from one of the world’s foremost business schools. ESSEC is located in the Paris area and in Singapore but its MOOCs make attendance at these 4 week online courses a viable option for hospitality students and managers located around the globe.

Try a MOOC, it costs nothing and could help hone your hospitality skills!
Try a MOOC, it costs nothing and could help hone your hospitality skills!

The three hospitality management courses on offer for October 2015 at ESSEC are:

A further course from a top rated business school in the USA, Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, is also being offered over a 4 week period on the topic of:

Sign up for one or for all four. MOOCs are a great way to build or refresh your hospitality management skills, particularly when they are offered by respected sources like ESSEC and Wharton.

If you’re curious about how MOOCs have been faring, you’ll appreciate this recent Harvard Business Review article examining ‘Who’s benefiting from MOOCs and why‘. Essentially, MOOCs are what you make of them as a no-cost but very convenient way of learning. Just pick your providers carefully and you should find MOOCs are worth attending.


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