Sip your way to success with learning from Jascots Wine Merchants

Jascots Wine Merchants know their stuff! Check out their Institute-Endorsed training today

If you’re in the hospitality industry and serve wine, you will enjoy a special series of Tweets featuring ‘sip-sized’ learning from the wine experts @JascotsWine.

Watch the Institute of Hospitality’s Twitter feed, @IoH_Online, during the next two weeks to catch #Winetips from Jascots’ wine educators. Jascots Wine Merchants offer Institute-endorsed wine training programmes which mean the programmes meet the Institute’s rigorous standards for quality hospitality training.

Jascots Wine Merchants has further enhanced its industry leading training offer for its on-trade and hospitality clients by adding WSET (Wines and Spirits Education Trust) foundation and intermediate programs to its portfolio of specialist wine and hospitality courses.

Whilst Jascots’ Sales & Service Training helps staff members and managers to get the most out of their wine list, the WSET qualification offers broad coverage of all product categories in the field of alcoholic drinks, together with the theory of tasting technique. It is suitable for those with little previous experience.

Perhaps more important is how investing in this type of training benefits a hospitality business with the productivity and retention of staff. Jascots courses are proven to be crucial in developing key staff.



The chance to change a life – through hospitality employment

Delicious food that's grown, prepared and served by The Clink Charity's trainees.
Delicious food that’s grown, prepared and served by The Clink Charity’s trainees.

The Institute of Hospitality has joined with Nacro, the crime reduction charity, and The Clink Charity to produce a new management guide about the benefits of employing qualified ex-offenders in suitable hospitality roles. The new FREE guide, entitled Employing Ex-offenders: Making the Right Choice, confirms that in the UK over 10 million people have a criminal record – ranging from driving offences and non-custodial sentences to more serious sentences – and chances are some of these 10 million may already be in your employ.

There are numerous benefits to employing ex-offenders, who are often found to have very positive employee traits such as honesty and reliability. In addition, giving ex-offenders a second chance means that their re-offending is significantly reduced. This presents a significant benefit for employers, ex-offenders and for society as a whole.

We’ve all heard about the growing skills shortage faced by the hospitality businesses. The Clink Charity has responded by training well-qualified chefs, kitchen and front of house staff for new roles in The Clink’s own gardens, kitchens and four restaurants. This training provides offenders with the skills needed to function in the real world. Once The Clink’s graduates are available for work, they are mentored, monitored and supported by The Clink to ensure their success with new employers. The industry’s burgeoning need for new talent means The Clink’s innovative rehabilitation programme not only works, it can address serious staff shortages in the UK.

Please download the new guide to learn more about how ex-offenders could be the answer to your hospitality business’s staffing needs. Nacro and The Clink are ready to assist any hospitality business every step of the way and this brief management guide is the first step in understanding how easy it can be to change a life.


 NEW free Management Guide: Employing Ex-offenders: Making the Right Choice

Well-trained ex-offenders offer employers skills, loyalty and other positive attributes in exchange for a fresh start.
Well-trained ex-offenders offer employers skills, loyalty and other positive attributes in exchange for a fresh start.

A recent article in The Caterer highlighted the UK hospitality industry’s increasing demand for qualified chefs, including the projected need to recruit 11,000 chefs by 2022. The Institute’s latest management guide proposes a sensible solution to this pressing problem of hospitality vacancies: hiring trained ex-offenders. An estimated 10 million people in the UK have a criminal record – ranging from driving citations to more serious infractions. Hospitality employers can’t afford to ignore this sizeable pool of candidates, the majority of whom are eager to find employment and avoid re-offending.

Employing Ex-offenders: Making the Right Choice, signposts key resources and organisations that can help hospitality employers easily, equitably and correctly employ ex-offenders with the right skills in suitable hospitality roles.

The Institute of Hospitality if offering this new publication FREE. Guide contributors The Clink Charity and Nacro, the crime reduction charity, are keen to help hospitality industry managers learn how to benefit their businesses and society, so download the FREE guide today to learn more. Find it under ‘Publications at:

Event: Food Labelling Regulations

Is YOUR business ready for new food labelling regulations?
Is YOUR business ready for new food labelling regulations?

Most hospitality businesses are aware of the new food labelling regulations that come into effect on 13th December 2014 across Europe. For the first time, caterers will be required to provide information to customers about the food allergens present in the food they serve – whether packaged or not, whether sold or not. The planned changes have significant impact for all Food Service and Hospitality businesses, owners, staff and their customers.

With this in mind the Institute of Hospitality’s Sussex Branch has put together an informative evening seminar on the topic which will include top industry speakers from DEFRA and the BHA, as well as talks from many of those involved in helping ease the transition for hospitality businesses (such as the Anaphylaxis Campaign and Sodexo).

The event highlights the Institute’s continued commitment to supporting hospitality managers in better serving customers and fully informing them about the impact on their business by this new legislation. Is your business ready? To book click HERE.