There are many different types of Institute membership available to aspiring and practicing hospitality managers.

Membership for individuals – from hospitality students to hospitality leaders – reflects the level of education obtained by the individual as well as industry employment experience. Eligible members use post-nominals to reflect their expertise and professional standing ranging from entry-level Associates (AIH) to Members (MIH) and Fellows (FIH). Member benefits also include access to the Institute’s specialist collections, publications and online resources to support career advancement and professional development.

Recognised academic institutions may be eligible to obtain individual student membership for their currently enrolled students studying hospitality, leisure and tourism through the Institute’s Education Membership Scheme.

The Institute welcomes applications from hospitality, tourism and leisure companies and organisations wishing to obtain membership on behalf of individual employees, and the organisation will save on the cost of entry fees to membership. See: Company Sponsored Membership.

Any questions regarding the various means of obtaining Institute membership can be directed to: or ring +44 (0)208 661 4900.


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