English Lakes Future Leaders take Institute’s Level 4 Diploma at Kendal College


English Lakes Hotels Resorts & Venues has joined forces with Kendal College to deliver the Institute’s Level 4 Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management, our modular qualification which we have tailored specifically for the group.

Candidates selected from across the group’s hotel venues in Cumbria and Lancashire are undertaking the qualification, which allows them to study various modules.

These range from venue and destination promotion, multi-site hotel management, and purchasing trends, through to recruitment and retention of staff, conflict resolution, and legal and financial issues within the industry.

English Lakes Hotels Resorts & Venues managing director Simon Berry says: “The hospitality management training programme is another mechanism for us to help our staff go that extra mile for both our guests and each other.  We are always seeking to make additional service improvements and this leadership programme is an important investment in helping our staff grow into future management roles.”

With a combination of dedicated training and on the job learning, coaching, and self-managed study, English Lakes Hotels Resorts & Venues is supporting each participant with a company mentor, whilst Kendal College provides a staff member to regularly visit each student in the workplace.

Suzanne Horner from Kendal College says: “What makes this programme unique is the opportunity for the students to tap into the experience and knowledge from the senior management team, and be exposed to leading professionals within the business

“They benefit from gaining a wider understanding of the attributes required to be a hospitality leader, as well as the key aspects of the business.  When they graduate in the autumn of 2017, the course will have boosted their skills, knowledge, experience, confidence and ultimately their future ability to play a leadership role in the hospitality industry.”

The Institute of Hospitality and Kendal College have been working together for more than 25 years, training our next generations of hospitality managers across a range of sectors.

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Institute Announces New Webinar Season

The Institute of Hospitality launches its new season of webinars with an American perspective on ‘Brexit’s silver lining’. 

For American visitors to the UK, prices are now 30% lower than two years ago thanks to the sharp drop in sterling triggered by the EU referendum result.  In the coming months, there are strong signs that the UK is set to enjoy record-beating levels of inbound tourism. How can operators capitalise on this boom?

Peter Ducker, chief executive, Institute of Hospitality, says: “American tourists have always been our biggest spenders. Now that they will be arriving in greater numbers, there is no better time to fine-tune our customer service skills in order to wow guests and keep them coming back.  We are delighted to kick-start our webinar season with Simon Hudson, a distinguished hospitality expert from the University of South Carolina, who will deliver his unique insights into what American tourists are looking for.”

Institute of Hospitality webinars give busy hospitality professionals a full briefing on a current operational topic in 30-40 minutes. You can also ask questions and receive follow-up materials. Full programme below.

Institute of Hospitality Webinars Autumn 2016

6 September
Capitalising on Brexit’s Silver Lining
The whys and hows of training employees to wow American tourists in order to secure long-term lucrative loyalty
Dr Simon Hudson, College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management, University of South Carolina

20 September
We have data but how can we use it?
On average a hotel receives data from more than 12 systems everyday. Get some great tips on how to use this data while still remaining a hotelier and focusing on taking care of guests
Janel Clark, head of consultancy and education, Snapshot

4 October
Make the OTAs work for you
Learn how to embrace the role of OTAS, reduce the commission you pay, adopt an OTA strategy where you are in control and invest wisely in your hotel website
Andrew Plant, digital marketing manager, Journey

18 October
Food Allergens and Customer Excellence
The Food Allergen HACCP and due diligence framework not only helps protect your business but also appeals to a critically wary customer base, who above all want transparency and deserve service excellence like any other customer.
Julian Edwards MIH, director, Allergen Accreditation

1 November
Addressing the risk of human trafficking
The nature and necessities of human trafficking place hotel businesses in a high level of exposure. Identify the vulnerabilities in your business and discover what you can do to prevent, mitigate or eliminate the risk of human trafficking in your business.
Professor Angela Roper FIH, University of West London, and Dr Maureen Brookes, Oxford Brookes University

15 November
The effect of Brexit on employment and immigration rights
What’s the position now and what might change? What are the lessons from the Byron Hamburgers furore this summer? Find out how businesses can get ahead of potential changes.
Jonathan Gray, hospitality, tourism and leisure partner, Pitmans LLP

Institute of Hospitality comments on latest Apprenticeship Levy guidance

Peter Ducker FIH, chief executive of the Institute of Hospitality, says:

“From April next year, all businesses will have access to funding in order to develop apprenticeship training schemes. Some businesses with higher wage bills will be expected to pay the Levy.

Business owners and HR directors in the hospitality sector need to be aware of the small window of opportunity to comment and speak out about how the Levy will impact them and their specific sector.

A Government Consultation is now open until 5 September.

“There has been a shortage of information about the mechanics of the Apprenticeship Levy until now. As the processes for drawing down funding becomes clearer, it is obvious that those businesses which have not yet started to look at the benefits of an apprentice programme in their organisation should do so as a priority.”

“Companies with wage bills of less than £3m should not pass this opportunity up. Ours is an industry where apprenticeships are a very valid way of developing a skilled workforce in many areas of the business – not just the traditional ones. As apprenticeships attract media attention in the months ahead this could become a vital source of future ‘home-grown’ talent.”

For more information contact Ben Walker, the Institute’s communications manager
Tel: 0776 532 0690


Careers in the exclusive world of Members Clubs

If you’ve ever walked through Westminster or the Pall Mall area in London you might have noticed the imposing facade of a private members’ club. If you have had the opportunity to enter a club, you will understand what makes them such a special place to work. The architecture, history and even the members of the clubs make them an intriguing place for anyone interested in a hospitality career.

Members Clubs often have a more intimate atmosphere, similar to a boutique hotel, where staff have an opportunity to get to know the club’s members. If a smaller organisation with the feel of a ‘family’ appeals to you, then employment at a private club could be an excellent fit.

To discover more about what it’s like to work in the world of private members’ clubs, refer to Springboard UK’s information or see their publication Hotels and Members Clubs.

Peter Ducker FIH comments on employing workers legally

The recent news about the UK government detaining some employees of a popular burger chain for suspected illegal employment has caused a furore both within and outside the industry.

Peter Ducker FIH comments on employing people legally in the UK
Peter Ducker FIH comments on employing people legally in the UK

Peter Ducker FIH, chief executive of the Institute of Hospitality, confirms that the Institute plays an important role in helping hospitality managers to stay on the right side of the law. Peter says:

The UKs hospitality industry already has to struggle with a challenging public perception. Many perceive our industry as a last resort career option, with easy entry and no clear pathway to progression.

At the Institute of Hospitality we know this perception is not correct. We understand the commitment, strong work ethics, and passion that go into our industry. We work to support our members at all stages of their careers with information, advice, guidance, and professional development to ensure they are well informed and capable of progressing and fulfilling their potential.

We must remain vigilant and not employ those without a right to work. Ours is a fast paced and, at times, challenging industry. However, overcoming challenges is a fact of working life. We cannot take the easy way out when it comes to staff shortages and get anyone in to cover a shift.

We cannot condone businesses that employ staff who do not have the legal right to work. We believe recruiting properly and developing and retaining staff is the foundation of a sustainable business model. We provide insight to help managers understand ways of handling tough situations, rather than opting for a quick fix that further damages the hospitality industry’s reputation.”

Concerns regarding the impact of Brexit on UK employment laws mean hospitality managers will need to stay current with any new or modified regulations or procedures. As the industry’s trusted resource for information, the Institute can be relied on to provide current news, research and materials to support owners and operators in meeting their legal obligations regarding the right to work in the UK.

Hospitality managers will find the following Institute webinar presented by an employment expert from preferred partner Pitmans LLP helpful in understanding and complying with employment regulations for non-UK staff. See: How hospitable are you? A practical guide to employing foreign migrants

Not a member? Join the Institute of Hospitality today and get the information you need to manage your career and your business.

Meet our Learners of the Year


The Institute of Hospitality’s Learners of the Year were rewarded for attaining the highest marks in their final exams. Their achievements were recognised during the Institute of Hospitality Awards Dinner at Westminster Kingsway College (WKC) on 13 June 2016.

Georgia Georgantopoulou Level 3 Learner of the Year

Georgia took the Institute’s Level 3 Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management . Georgia is working as a BaxterStorey team leader at law firm, Reed Smith, London. She says: “I’ve always thought that to further a career means hard work and continuous learning. BaxterStorey gave me the opportunity through their Leadership Academy to study for the course. It was a great and challenging year at WKC. I had the chance to further my knowledge, learn new things, challenge myself, meet new people and finally see my hard work rewarded.  Working and studying at the same time is not easy but the benefits are worth all the effort.  I’m utterly thrilled to be Learner of the Year for 2016 and I wish to continue learning, improving and progressing within the hospitality industry.”

Simon Hansen Joint Level 4 Learner of the Year

Simon took the Institute’s Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Hospitality and Tourism Management. Simon Hansen has been a lecturer in hospitality and catering at Kendal College in Cumbria for ten years, and previously worked in fine-dining restaurants across the country, gaining rosettes and recognition for his skills.  He will be part of the newly-expanded teaching team at Kendal, delivering Institute of Hospitality qualifications. Simon says: “I was encouraged to continue my own learning at Kendal while working. I was able to balance work, my passion for football and coaching local teams, and studying with lots of support from my tutor Suzanne Horner, who has been inspiring and supportive throughout.  I hope to inspire my own students to understand that learning is for life and is something that should be embraced and not feared.”

Jay Barnard Joint Level 4 Learner of the Yearpage

Jay took the Institute’s Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Hospitality and Tourism Management.  Jay is a BaxterStorey hospitality manager at the British Medical Association, London. He studied the Institute of Hospitality Level 4 Diploma at WKC as part of BaxterStorey’s Leadership Academy programme. He says: “Half way through the course I was promoted to hospitality manager at BMA. My first task was to re-launch the hospitality offer. I was excited to be able to showcase some new concepts to add the wow factor to events. This included using a vintage cake cart – which can be added to any event. As part of the course we needed to look at different aspects of the business and then present our proposals to senior members of the BaxterStorey team. Mine was on visual merchandising. I look forward to many more great years and opportunities with Baxterstorey in this exciting industry!”

China’s hotel growth is on the upswing but at what cost to the environment?

A recent report published by Cornell University’s Center for Hospitality Research highlights China’s burgeoning hotel growth and examines what can be done to control the environmental impact.

Shanghai’s stunning skyline

Despite the turbulence in the Chinese stock market last year and the subsequent impact on China’s economic growth, hotel developments in China continue apace with “at least three new 150+ room hotels open[ing] every day for the next 25 years”.

Although China’s population is predicted to be surpassed by India‘s, both China’s increasing population and the number of hotels under development will swell the the country’s carbon footprint as demands for energy and water increase. The very best hotel developments will take into account both regional and global concerns regarding sustainability.

To read more about the “Environmental Implications of Hotel Growth in China: Integrating Sustainability with Hotel Development” find the report HERE.